American Songwriter’s Top 50 Songs Of 2013

"Devastate" was included on American Songwriter’s Top 50 Songs Of 2013.  


Coming in at #37, Stephen Deusner writes: Desire is a storm brewing in a lover’s eyes—an old metaphor but one that finds new menace in Shires’ song about romantic insecurity. “Why wait for landfall? Go on and go,” she sings, and her violin braces for the wind and rain to come. “Devastate” does exactly that.  The song that made number 2 is pretty excellent as well. (Hint: It rhymes with melephant.)

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Amanda Shires seems to be the sort of sweet, Southern girl that all boys should be warned about, at a certain age, for her songs lead us to believe that she'll never let anyone trample all over her. She might not even let you walk beside her. She has a strong and strident nature that skates the feeling of all WOMAN and all bad ass, at the same time. She's a rascal. She can yearn for one of those tuck-in-early nights or throw the short skirt on and hit the tavern to make a good dent on a deep bottle. Read more and listen on Daytrotter.


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From NPR: When country violinist Amanda Shires goes on tour, she meets a lot of interesting people. Once after a show in Tampa, Florida, a fellow calling himself Tiger Bill handed her a mysterious bag — whose contents, he said, would make her "bulletproof."

"And I opened it and looked inside of it," Shires recalls. "And it was whiskers and claws and teeth and fur."

Shires could have used a little protection during the run-up to her latest album, Down Fell The Doves. In the months before starting work on the record, she had broken a finger, ended a long-term relationship and watched as a cherished instrument — her 150-year-old fiddle, with which she had toured for 15 years — was destroyed in an onstage accident.

Shires discusses her challenging year and the dark, frank music that came out of it with NPR's Jacki Lyden. Click the audio link to hear their conversation.


Lonestar Magazine

Image courtesy Lone Star Magazine

Image courtesy Lone Star Magazine

Amanda Shires and husband Jason Isbell posed Grant Wood-style for the cover of the July/August issue of LonestarMusic Magazine. Order a copy of the issue here

Down Fell the Doves

Athens, GA making "Down Fell the Doves" with Andy LeMaster. Chase Park Transduction. 

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