Always On My Mind


“Loving You” is the only song Bobbie Nelson ever wrote on her own. It doesn’t have any words, but when you hear the melody you know what the song is about: family. Love of family, God, and music guided Bobbie through decades of struggle and triumph, chaos and peace.

Bobbie Nelson’s life happened in revival tents and roadhouses, old theaters and glittering arenas, recording studios and church pews. She survived abandonment and abuse. Her children were taken from her, so she fought until she won them back. She was spiritual, determined, strong and generous with her love. She made a path for women, for mothers even, in the male-dominated music business. You can read her incredible story in the book “Me and Sister Bobbie.” You should, but you can hear who Bobbie was when you listen to her play the piano. Bobbie Nelson was a believer, a mother, an artist, a lover, a sister, a grandmother, and a friend. She passed away on March 10, 2022, just months after we spent 6 days together in Austin recording this album. We chose these songs because they’re songs that she loved, songs that meant the world to her and her personal journey. Through her music she will live on.

From the first day in the studio, we knew we’d name this record “Loving You,” because, Ms. Bobbie, we will always and forever be loving you.